IT Projects Portfolio

We provide companies looking for a reliable and cost effective means to maintain their IT applications and systems and optimize their internal infrastructure management processes. We have a dedicated and specialized team of system administrators and support specialists with helpdesk support, system monitoring, database administration, storage support services and messaging services.

We have ERP programme management experiences particularly in SAP implementation with the purpose to centralize and integrate all areas of business and controlling; maintain the data needed for a variety of business functions such as Manufacturing, Supply Chain Management, Financials, Projects, Human Resources and Customer Relationship Management in a single database. We adopt web based technology to develop both Pre book Sales, Production & Human Resource modules to enable users from the remote to submit their timely data through online web services.

IT Infrastructure Administration Services

Our Helpdesk Support provides a strategic point of contact for end-users to ensure that the service reflects high standards throughout the organization.

Our System Monitoring & Administration helps take care of the customer’s Operating system such as monitoring of servers, responding to alerts, resolving the issue, provide advice and guidance on server related issues, analyze root cause of problems and minimize the adverse impact of these issues.

Our Securities Management manages logical access and control and enhance operational efficiency with a technically secure environment including manage the creation, amendment and deletion of user accounts.

IT Projects Portfolio

Our Database Administration provide a support of database systems across all platforms to ensure a stable and efficient data processing environment, maintain reliable database backups and security.

Our Storage Support Services allow the customer to offload some or all of the challenging operational storage management tasks, help improve data availability, enhance productivity, and tighten security.

Our Messaging Services manages messaging facility and infrastructure such as user account management, managing address book and mailbox, system administration of mail servers.

IT Projects Portfolio

Office and Application System Development

Office System Design

We are using Internet-based technologies within an organization to facilitate communication among corporate employees and access to management information. Our intranet benefits every individual from integrate data from remote area to centralized headquarter and it can be accessed anywhere and at any time by authorized users within the organization. It is a repository for confidential company information and serves as the company's information portal.

ERP and Web Portal Design

Our track record is a successful SAP Implementation from November 2013-2015 where we implemented Financial and Material Modules for 56 companies, Human Resources Modules for 24 Companies and GST system for 56 Companies. We build an information highway from sales and marketing, production, inventory and logistics to reporting in web portal which can accommodate different businesses or industries helping clients record sales activities, production status and delivery in an efficient way; minimizing daily reporting workload and allowing every function of a business to record, store and retrieve information in real-time that should be reliable, accessible, and easily shared to improve business performance.

IT Projects Portfolio
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